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Pleasure Driving Show

Sunday, August 21, 2022 

Grasswood Horse Park

Saskatoon, SK 

Location:  On Range Road 3052 just south of Baker Road (Township Road 354) in Corman Park (Just South of Saskatoon).

From Highway 11 – turn west on Baker Road to Range Road 3052 and turn South.

From Circle Drive South in Saskatoon – Take Lorne Avenue South to Baker Road – turn left and then turn right on Range Road 3052.

Horse Park is just beyond the Corman Park School.


Judges: Jury of Bill Humeny, Barb Degelman & Dave Sim

Ringmaster: Moira Remmen

Announcer: Stan Garchinski

Show Secretary: Pam Heinrichs

Safety Officer: Dave Sim



Entries/Info contact Pam: pjheinrichs@gmail.com 




General Information

1)      This show is unsanctioned for points accumulation for the Heritage Program

2)      The show follows the rules for pleasure driving shows as outlined in Section C of the Equestrian Canada rules. 

3)      Stabling: There are pens available on site for a cost of $10 per day. 

4)      Camping:  There are no facilities on site, but camping is permitted.

5)      Facility Rules:  The Grasswood Horse Park Rules and General Information is attached.

6)      Meals:  There will be a Bar-B-Que at 6:00 for participants and volunteers


1)      All entries must be members of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation or other provincial horse sport organization.

2)      Entries must be sent to Show Secretary by Monday August 1.

3)      Fees – The fees for the show will be $30 plus $10 for those entries that are not members of the Grasswoods Horse Park.  If an entry does not attend the show the entry fee will not be refunded.

4)      Fees must be paid at time entry is submitted

5)      The show reserves the right to decline any entry and refund the entry fee prior to or during the competition.

6)      The show will proceed rain or shine unless there is a dangerous weather warning which is considered too severe to safely host the event.  If this occurs the show will either be cancelled or re-scheduled to a different date.

7)      Divisions – As this is an inaugural show, it is planned that all competitors will be in a single division as the number of entries is uncertain.  However, if entries warrant, the Show committee add divisions.  All entries are expected to compete in all classes.

8)      Equines – all equines are welcome as long as they are 4 years old and in good physical condition.  Well behaved, experienced driving stallions are allowed at the discretion of the Show Committee.  Any unruly equine will be asked to leave the grounds.

9)      Driving Vehicles – All driving vehicles are acceptable as long as they are in good condition.  Only one vehicle is permitted to be used during the show.

10)  Harness – Any style of harness is acceptable as long as it is in good condition and fits the equine properly.

11)  Assistants:  Grooms are a welcome addition to any entry if appropriately attired.  For safety reasons, if a groom is not present, we recommend that a header be available for any lineups. 



A safety inspection will be done prior to the first class.  The safety officer will have the authority to deny permission to any entry that is considered to be unsafe.

1)      Harness and Equipment:   It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that their vehicle and harness are in good repair and condition.  No competitor will be allowed to continue in a class if the Judges or Safety Officer deem that any part of the turnout is unsafe.

2)      Pace:  There will be no cantering at this pleasure show.  Any equine that canters in any of the classes will receive penalty points or time faults for each occurrence.  The Grasswood Horse Park rules also do not permit cantering.

3)      Spares Kits:  Are recommended but not mandatory


All drivers will drive in each class wearing suitable attire – livery, suit, traditional ladies driving dress relative to the style of vehicle they are driving.  Hats matching the attire may be worn for the turnout, working and reinsmanship classes, but helmets are recommended.  Helmets must be worn in cones and obstacle classes. Driving aprons (lap rugs) must be worn in the turnout working and reinsmanship classes.

All drivers must wear gloves (brown) and carry an appropriately sized driving whip when entering the arena or course. 

Leg protection for the equine is not permitted in the turnout, working and reinsmanship classes but is allowed in the cones and obstacles classes.  Manes may be braided but no other equine adornment is allowed

The Classes

1)      Turnout

Judged on the

a)       appropriateness of the horse, the vehicle, the harness and the attire of the driver

b)      Cleanliness, fit and state of repair of the harness

c)      Cleanliness and state of repair of the vehicle


2)      Working Class

This class focuses on the equine(s) and the quality of the following

a)      Walk

b)      Walk on loose rein

c)      Working trot

d)      Slow trot

e)      Strong trot

f)       Halt

g)      Reinback


3)      Reinsmanship Class:  For this class, each driver will drive a set pattern.  See Reinsmanship pattern. This class focuses on the abilities of the driver to

a)      Drive straight lines

b)      Drive appropriate corners with bend

c)      Drive circles or figure 8’s

d)      Obtain progressive and non- progressive transitions at appropriate points in the arena

e)      Drive serpentines and/or deviations


4)      Cones Class – Reverse Psychology – See cones course diagram

The cones class will comprise of 10 cones which will be driven in one direction and then driven in the opposite direction once the first pass is completed.  Cone width will be 84 inches for all cones except for large pairs where it will be 96 inches.  A 3 second penalty will be added to the time for all balls that are knocked down.  If balls are knocked down in the first pass, the driver will be stopped and time will be stopped until the balls are replaced before driving the cones in the reverse order.  Class placings will be based on time.


5)      Obstacles Class –See obstacle course diagram

This class will consist of driving obstacles that might be encountered during a driving outing. This is not timed.  Points will be given for how well the horse and driver handle the distraction presented by the obstacle.  Suggested obstacles are:

·       Mailbox- stop, open, retrieve letter, replace, close mailbox.  Equine to remain standing during the time it takes to execute the activity

·       Flag – Stop and remove flag from holder, move forward to next holder and deposit flag

·       Drive a U made of rails without touching rails

·       Drive an L made of rails without touching rails

·       Drive along a rail with the rail between the horse and the wheel of the cart.  For a pair, the rail would be driven with the rail between the two horses.

·       Drive over a tarp

·       Drive up to a garbage can – open and close it

·       Reinback to touch a rail mounted on cones

·       Drive a serpentine made from cones


Schedule for the Show

10:00 – Turnout and Working Class

11:00    - Reinsmanship Class

12:00   - Lunch Break

1:30      - Cones Class

3:00      - Obstacle Class

4:30      - Awards Presentation

5:00      - Bar-B-Q


The Awards

Ribbons will be awarded for positions 1 through 6 in each class.

For the winner of the Reinsmanship class, a plaque will also be awarded.

For the Grand and Reserve Champion Award, points will be assigned for the placing in the 5 classes according to the following table: 


Championship Point Calculation Table

Number of entries








1st Place








2nd Place








3rd Place







4th Place






5th Place





6th Place




7th Place



8th Place



To calculate the final aggregate score the classes will be weighted as follows

1)      Turnout – 10%

2)      Working – 20%

3)      Reinsmanship – 30%

4)      Cones – 20 %

5)      Obstacles – 20%

Base on the Aggregate scores, a Grand and Reserve Champions will be determined and these will receive plaques.

In recognition that this will be a first competition for many entries, we will also award a plaque to the highest placing first competition (novice) driver.


 Pleasure Show Reinsmanship Pattern

Since the arena at Grasswoods Horse Park is not a standard size (80 meter x 40 meter) for driving, we have had make some modifications to the pattern to be driven for the reinsmanship class.  (The arena is 60 meter x 72 meters).  The proposed pattern showing the points for each movement, is outlined in words below and the diagram of the pattern is shown in the boxes following that.


Reinsmanship Pattern for Pleasure Show



Enter A at working trot, Halt at X and Salute


Move from X to C at working walk


Upward transition to working trot from C to H, Left hand deviation to mid point between X and E and back to rail at K


Working trot to A, then 30 meter circle returning to rail at A and around corner to F


Strong Trot from F to H


Transition to working trot at H through to C and do 30 meter circle at working trot, returning to rail at C


Continue Working Trot to M, at M start a right hand deviation to mid-point between B and X and return to rail at F


At F, transition to a walk on a loose rein past A to K


Transition to slow trot from K to B, turn right on slow trot to F


Transition to working trot at F, turning toward center at A


At X Halt, and Rein back, salute


At notification from Judge, transition to working trot and leave arena at A





Obstacle Course for Pleasure Show 

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