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2007 Driving Trials Results

Once again our show days were a success.  Though Friday night's rain made for a heavy marathon on Saturday, a revised course on Sunday made it possible to complete the competition without undue wear and tear on competitors and especially their horses.  We had a good turnout this year, with increased entries over 2006, and more from other clubs. 
Training Division

1st -   Kathy Pauw & Thokki  
2nd -   Michelle Peake

3rd -   Melva King & Apache 


Best Dressage & Cones - Mavis Hrynkiw & Ava

Preliminary Horse

1st -  
Deborah Kaufman
2nd -  
Arelene Murray
3rd -   Ann Moody

Preliminary Pony

1st -   Donna Sicherman with Bits & Spur
2nd -   Duane Stewart with Fancy & Sis


Best Dressage - Deb Laderoute
Best Cones - Deborah Kaufmann
Best Marathon - Ann Moody

Special Awards

Best Sportsman Award:  Dave Hoyle
Best Groom Award:  Sheri Ried
Best Volunteer Award:  The Wist Family

2006 Driving Trials Results

We had a very successful driving show in 2006 at Ebon Stables, with competitors from the 3 prairie provinces.  Below you will find the results of that show, linked to pictures of driven horses taken on show day. 

Please click on the green links to view pictures.

Training Division

VSE (Very Small Equine)

1st -    Dave Hoyle (SK) driving Piranha
2nd -    Rose Hoyle (SK) driving Pride


1st -    Kathy Pauw (SK) driving Thokki Fra Sonrise 
2nd -   
Juliane Deubner (SK) driving Junebug
3rd -    Elsie Priddy (SK) driving Rills Romany Lace


1st -    Rise Massey (AB) driving Benno
2nd -    Mavis Hrynkiw (SK) driving Avalon Ashbrook
3rd -    Barb Degelman (SK) driving Lily

Preliminary Division

1st -    Ann Moody (AB) driving Digby
2nd -    Cheryl Fotheringham (SK) driving Ranch L Bienvenue Elise

Preliminary Plus Division

1st -    Deb Laderoute (AB) driving Salina & Symbiola
2nd -    Barb Murphy (AB) driving Tango

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