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Cones Practice at TP Acres, October 30, 2011

Posted by Prairie Carriage Driving Club on October 31, 2011 at 1:35 PM

Prairie Carriage Driving Club Tee Pee Acres – on Lorne Ave. So. ( Hwy #219 )

October 30th, 2011

Another Dedicated Cones Driving Day, a result of the fine fall weather we couldn’t allow to go to waste. Now with everyone planning their escapes to exotic “climes” it is more likely that this will be our final planned outdoor event of the summer, until our Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party which may or may not include a driving outing, and will be held at the home of Melva King just off #16 Hwy east on Dec. 4, 2011. This started off to be a near perfect day for a driving event, considering how near we are to November. In the morning as Ken and I were setting the course it was very near ideal. With four rigs arriving about noon and everyone walking the course, then hitching up, we were ready to go shortly after 1:00 pm. During the warm-up period everyone had the opportunity to travel some of the back trails of the property; this time including the NW corner pasture, since Stan Schmidt had his in their box-stalls. The drivers were then given the opportunity to run through the course 4 times due to the reduced conditioning compared to the previous event, and they all took advantage of the chance. Today turned out to be the “Sue’s Day “, taking the first three places and leaving the three men to “feast on the spoils”. By the time everyone had used up all the ambition of their equine friends it was starting to get a little chilly and we were all starting to yearn for the chili and the stew that we knew awaited us in the house. While the competitors and their helpers were loading equipment and horses, a good number of volunteers including the Wickenheiser family , who had been observers while the participants were on course, now headed onto the field and made short work of the cones and associated numbers and balls. With everything loaded we went to enjoy the efforts of the contributors like Moira and several other members in the form of a Potluck. A good social rounded out another great day for this Club. Thanks to all who contributed and we hope to repeat this in new year. One final note to anyone who still has books of Raffle tickets, remember to bring them to the Meeting and party at Melva’s on Dec. 4th. a fun event.

Terry Partington, sec. P.C.D.C. October 30th, 2011

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