Prairie Carriage Driving Club

If you like horses and carriage driving, you’ll love our club.

Prairie Carriage Driving Club Events Calendar

HELMET RULE COMPLIANCE: Effective April 1, 2008, all SHF sanctioned events must require every person under the age of 18 years to wear an approved safety helmet at all times when mounted or driving a horse drawn vehicle.


For more information on any events please contact Juliane Deubner: 

Sun. 1/28 6:00 PM Sleigh Ride

at Bob Thomas's place. Organized by Stan and Bob.

Sun. 2/18 6:00 PM Sleigh Ride

at Melva King's ranch

Sun. 3/25 6:00 PM Tack cleaning

organized by Stan

Sun. 4/29 6:00 PM Drive weahter permitting


Fri. 5/25 6:00 PM Driving Clinic at Wolfwillow Ranch

Details TBA

Sat. 5/26 6:00 PM Driving Clinic

Sun. 5/27 6:00 PM Driving Clinic

Sat. 6/9 6:00 PM Drive at Barb's

Go out to Barb's and stay over night. 2 drives

Sun. 8/19 6:00 PM Drive at Pam's

possibly practice for S.L.S. Chore competition

Sat. 9/15 6:00 PM S.L.S Chore Horse competition

Date needs to be verified.

Sun. 9/23 6:00 PM Trek for Cancer

Pearl Brown Memorial Cancer Trek at Wolfwillow Ranch

Sun. 10/14 6:00 PM Drive at Melva's

Sun. 11/4 6:00 PM Leather Craft

at Stan's

Sun. 12/9 6:00 PM AGM and Christmas Party

at Melva King's

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